Lawrence Novick, Ph.D.

In March of 2012, Lawrence Novick celebrated 30 years in Aikido. Co-founder and chief instructor/head of the ACE Aikido dojo in Santa Monica, Ca., Lawrence is familiar with many approaches to Aikido, from the somewhat harder Iwama and Seagal styles, to the more internal-based Ki Society and it's off-shoots, to Aiki-jujutsu, as well as having trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Hapkido.

With his primary teacher, Don O'Bell, now deceased, he started the ACE Aikido Dojo in 1982. Don spent many years training under Mr. M. Shoji and Rod Kobayashi, and spent a considerable amount of time with Tohei Sensei as well (founder of Ki Aikido) in the early '70s. He passed his experiences with them on to Lawrence, as well as the principles of his own personal evolution of ACE (the Awareness of being Centeredly Extended) and Kinesthetic Invisibility, which are two of the foundations of this approach.

Our style embodies the fundamentals of ACE and Ki-based, flowing, gentle, effective Aikido, and Lawrence has been able to blend influences from all of his training and the many instructors he has known or been exposed to, into a unique approach that embraces the spectrum of self-defense to internal energy training to the conscious transformation of violence, and harmony with one's life process.

Lawrence also has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is an educational consultant, Shamanic Practitioner, accomplished musician and composer, writer, and recording artist. His new book - The Journey of Aikido: Reflections on the Path - is available on this site.

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He also teaches seminars in the following areas:
- Inner Aikido(TM) - energy training
- Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves Theory (as originated by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone)
- Women's Self-Defense

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