There are two areas of certification in the ACE Aikido style.

One has to do with Current Status, the other with Teacher Certification.

For someone's Yudansha (black belt level) rank to be considered current/certified in ACE Aikido, one must practice here for some period of time at least every two years. Otherwise they will not be informed about our current process, and they will not be certified Current in ACE Aikido.

Anyone claiming to have a black belt ranking from ACE Aikido that is not -specifically- listed on this page, does not have that rank.

There is a person in the LA area claiming to have been one of our top students, and claims Nidan (2nd degree black belt) rank. This person's rank has been revoked and he has no right to claim any yudansha rank from us, nor does he have any affiliation with us, nor any permission or right to teach anything to do with ACE Aikido in any form.

If anyone has any questions about any individual claiming lineage or rank from ACE Aikido, Larry Novick, or Don O'Bell, please contact us directly. If you are interested in learning the ACE Aikido style, please contact us to find out who is certified and has legitimate permission to teach.

At this time, the following people are the Only Yudansha with Current Status:

Bill Walter
Micheal Loizzo
Elliott Grumer
Rick Ruiz
Steve Bryson
Douglas Miller
Rob Palin
Chris Fallon

The following people are legitimate holders of ACE Aikido Yudansha rank but do not have Current Status:

Joel Fashingbauer
Brian Dietrick
Robert Elliott
Larry Eckstein
Darren Koski
Denny Sirokin
Craig Naylor
Jim Talley
Mercy Russell

The following people received Yudansha rank from us but no longer study:

Laura McCormic
Hal Stone
Lee Stein
Diana Lipari
Scott Pasnikowski
Maggie Simmons
Kate Paige
Kip Hargrove

There is ACE Aikido Teaching Certification available, with the following levels:

Assistant Instructor (at least first dan)
Instructor (at least second dan)
Full Instructor (at least third dan)
Advanced Instructor (at least fourth dan)
Senior Instructor (at least fifth dan)
Master Instructor (sixth dan)

For more information about teaching certification, contact ACE Aikido.