Bill Walter was first introduced to Aikido in the Fall of 1964 during his senior year of High School. After finishing school, it took until the Summer of 1980 before he was able to find a Dojo that taught Aikido. In 1988 he began studying with Larry Novick and Don O'Bell, at the ACE Aikido dojo. He has been studying with Larry continuously since that time, receiving the level of Shodan in 1991. Bill received his teacher certification in February of 1995 and continues to teach to this day. Over the years Mr. Walter has also studied Kodokan Judo, Okinawa Te Karate, Issin Rue Karate, and Iaido using the Japanese Sword or Katana. 
Bill Walter has over 20 years experience as a BetaCam Camera Operator, has also been an electronics technician for 10 years, as well as 10 years as a Motorcycle Mechanic.