ACE stands for "the Awareness of being Centeredly Extended."
Termed by Don O'Bell, co-founder of the ACE Aikido dojo, it is a dynamic state of being where one is both continually maintaining Center and consciously allowing one's Ki to be released. Practicing Aikido with this in mind fosters a maximum experience of Aiki both within oneself and in all interactions. Aikido then becomes a process of one's personal, interpersonal, and spiritual consciousness and empowerment.

The ACE Aikido Dojo was founded with the intention of teaching Aikido from the standpoint of Awareness, Centering, and Energy Extension. These tools, along with the principles of personal and interpersonal harmony fundamental to Aikido, allow a person to practice a level of consciousness that can be brought into everyday life, not just to self-defense. The process of personal and spiritual growth that comes from this kind of training is both profound and life-enhancing.

In ACE Aikido, we articulate principles in our own, unique way. Important to our approach are the notions of:

ACE - the Awareness of being Centeredly Extended - a dynamic state of being that maximizes one's experience of centeredness and flow.

Kinesthetic Invisibility - how to "use ACE" so one can connect and interact with one's partner without giving physical reference and therefore not giving anything for them to react to/against.

Avenues of Release - how to "use Kinesthetic Invisibility" so one can feel and find the natural ways that our partner will lose their balance (Kuzushi), without having to use force or doing anything "to them."